Flexitec UpTown Flare

Chic and fashionable sheet vinyl flooring.

Bold and bright for a new generation of inspiration

Where chic meets comfort is where you’ll
find UpTown Flare. Reveling in fashionable looks
that dazzle, the UpTown Flare collection is designed
to showcase something new while complementing
clean lines, exotic touches and cool color palettes.

2 levels of quality to meet your family’s needs:

Premiere Featured Items

15 Year Warranty
UpTown Flare
Harper 591
UpTown Flare
Raleigh 837
UpTown Flare
Bamboo 793
UpTown Flare

Essential Featured Items

10 Year Warranty
Panama 531
UpTown Flare
Koala 747
UpTown Flare
Monticello 538
UpTown Flare
Chanel 539
UpTown Flare